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Mark Jenkins: Go Figure!

American artist Mark Jenkins’s urban (and rural) interventions are street-smart—in the truest sense of the word.
Jenkins creates and sets free a colorful cast of characters by way of clear tape casts: the homeless, kids, vagrants, polar bears, and horses (to name but a few) all take their place in the wild, wild urban space, while interacting with the surrounding buildings and public places that provide the context and set the stage. Positioning them around the world, Jenkins’ sculptures have made their way around the world in cities throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Disturbing, humorous, and enigmatic in equal measures, Mark Jenkins enlists his hyper-realistic sculptures into the service of, for example, Greenpeace, as well as for exhibitions, performances, art galleries, and workshops. We met the Washington, DC-based Jenkins in Berlin, where he was contributing to a dance theatre piece.

lately in New York..

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Urban Interventions Manifest

UI Manifest
Eine englische Fassung wird Ende November bei PCA Press Paris in der Publikation ’70 Assignments: The Future of the Foundation Course in Art and Design’ erscheinen.

Die Kategorisierungen der Urban Interventions sind inspiriert durch einige der Kapitel in Klanten/Hübner: Urban Interventions.


new book: Going public

eben erschienen im Gestalten-Verlag:


Publisher Gestalten writesGoing Public showcases the creative revival of public space in our urban and rural landscapes. The book’s compelling selection of formal and informal interventions, reclamations, and architecture illustrates the current scope and interest in refashioning and repurposing our built environment for public use. The objectives of the featured examples are as diverse as the projects themselves and range from inspiring communication and community experience to devising new means of gathering in and connecting to nature.

Ranging from bold to subtle and from temporary to permanent, the architecture and urban design featured in Going Public offers inspiring and surprising interpretations of our public surroundings and natural landscapes.


REFUNC, Gravity Passengers, Mafikeng, South Africa, 2010

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Gordon Matta-Clark

Ein Künstler, der sich schon früh mit Kunst und Architektur  im urbanen Kontext auseinander gesetzt hat, ist Gordon Matta-Clark (1943-1978).

Bei seinen so genannten „Cuttings“ hat G. Matta-Clark reale Gebäude zerschnitten. So schnitt er zum Beispiel Löcher in Fassaden oder teilte ein Wohnhaus in der Mitte.

Eines von G. Matta-Clarks späten und sehr bekannten Werken ist das „Office Baroque“ (1977). Hier hat der Architekt und Künstler ein leerstehendes, fünfstöckiges Bürogebäude in Antwerpen für eines seiner „Cuttings“ benutzt.