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ckster – Hacking Festival Bern

if you happen to be in Bern, please join us for „ckster – Hacking Festival“
at PROGR_Zentrum für Kulturproduktion (April 24-25),



QR-Code Hack


 Politisch-sexuell motivierten Guerilla-Aktionen: Alexandra Thein von der FDP hängt aktuell mit der Botschaft “Liebe kennt keine Grenzen” in Berlin auf diversen Plakatflächen und lädt Interessierte per QR-Code zu ihrem Wahlwerbespot ein. Was die Chefin des Landesverbandes der Liberalen nicht wusste: Viele der Codes führten zu einem Porno. Unbekannte überklebten den Original-Code. Der verschwindend geringe Aufwand macht die Aktion noch genialer. Kommentar von Frau Thein: “Widerlich.” via schleckysilberstein

Mark Jenkins: Go Figure!

American artist Mark Jenkins’s urban (and rural) interventions are street-smart—in the truest sense of the word.
Jenkins creates and sets free a colorful cast of characters by way of clear tape casts: the homeless, kids, vagrants, polar bears, and horses (to name but a few) all take their place in the wild, wild urban space, while interacting with the surrounding buildings and public places that provide the context and set the stage. Positioning them around the world, Jenkins’ sculptures have made their way around the world in cities throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.
Disturbing, humorous, and enigmatic in equal measures, Mark Jenkins enlists his hyper-realistic sculptures into the service of, for example, Greenpeace, as well as for exhibitions, performances, art galleries, and workshops. We met the Washington, DC-based Jenkins in Berlin, where he was contributing to a dance theatre piece.

Jöö.. not

Derzeit macht ein selbständiger Kinderwagen New York unsicher..

lately in New York..

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Banksy in NY (meat transport)



CityLeaks: #Impressions #Live Paintings

For the last three weeks more than 30 representatives of the fine, performing and applied arts have turned the City of Cologne into a huge stage and canvas for contemporary urban art. Accessible for everyone the created artworks hopefully affect the political, social and aesthetic awareness of residents and visitors.
From today till sunday there is still a chance to watch Live paintings by TIKA (Lichtstraße 24), Debug Visuals (Hansemannstraße 2), Sten Lex (Hospelstraße 4) and Zezao (Bürgerhaus Stollwerk).

Here are some festival impressions, for further information visit